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Bridge Music Academy was formed in 2009 with a vision to offer International standard education in Western Music in India. Currently over 500 students learn at 4 branches of the Academy. Bridge Music Academy also manages and runs western music programs at high profile institutions such as IIT – Delhi, Salwan Public School, Manav Sthali School, Khaitan Public School to name a few.

The first branch of the Academy was setup in New Rajinder Nagar in West Delhi and soon expended to Dwarka and Chandigarh. Each faculty members are specialists at their particular subject and not a single faculty teaches more than one discipline which they specialize in! Every student has a different learning curve, goals and aptitude, especially with an art form like music. Hence, more than 90% of the students take one-to-one lessons that are tailored to suit their learning needs and speed.

Word from our Chief Executive

I am a Delhi bred musician that has seen the hardships of finding quality music education in my early years. So much so that I found my first real music teacher at the age of 19, after I had already been playing with bands for 7 years. I earned a scholarship from Berklee College of Music in 2000 but could not secure the scholarships from other locals NGOs that provide funding for international studies. This was because many musicians that won such scholarships before me, never returned to contribute to their own country.

Why Bridge Music Academy

After achieving Grade 8 in Piano and Theory of Music, I was keen to setup an institute that would offer the same level of international standard music education right here in India. I soon realized that none of the institutes in Delhi provide the very foundation that can enable students to pursue higher studies abroad. Hence I formed Bridge Music Academy with a vision to provide this very foundation to the students. An International standard music education that not only allows them to achieve their musical aspiration but allows them to pursue higher studies abroad.


Over the years we have produced students that are now successfully performing, teaching and earning from their passion for music. Some alumni today are well established in the Mumbai music industry making background music for Bollywood movies, Jingles and even performing with some of the best bands around the country. We have produced students that earned admissions at music colleges abroad and are pursuing a successful career in their field of specialisation.

The Edge

Having performed with numerous bands and artists in over 500 concerts playing classical, jazz, rock and contemporary music, I know performance is the essence of being a musician. I design the Academy calendar to ensure ample performance opportunities for our students at all levels. Students pursue International Music Exams to earn a stamp of validation from the exponents of western music (examiners) from Rockschool, Trinity College London and ABRSM.

We take pride in managing to put together a team of 50+ fantastic musicians. Our faculty not only understand what to teach but how to teach as well. Bridge Music Academy is the only institute in India to organize music pedagogy workshops for the faculty to upgrade them with latest teaching techniques from around the world.

In a Nut Shell

We are known for carving a beautiful musical journey for each student, whatever their learning goals may be. I encourage you to come over and meet one of our faculty members to discuss your dreams.. and we shall do our best to make it your reality!

Let’s make some great music, because the world needs it!
Ritesh Khokhar

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