Performance vs. Nerves

Many musicians deal with a problem of being nervous while performing and many live with it through their lives. Vladimir Horowitz, one of the finest concert pianists of 20th century, took a 12-year break from performance due to the same reason!

Case of Adults: A study in UK concludes that adults are 3 times more nervous than children performing in front of audience. The reason why this is a fact has nothing to do with performance skills or the level of difficulty of the music, it is their high expectations! Imagine someone who was a fantastic runner in his schools days being asked to take part in a friendly race at office today. He would most probably turn down the offer, as he would like to live with his last ‘happy’ memory at the racetrack and is too scared to lose, he would have no consideration for being out of practice for years! Even when we have no background in learning music, adults somehow have a high level of expectation.

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