Short Term Program

Navya performing at Student's Concert

Rock Brigade 2019, Air Force Auditorium, New Delhi

Short Term Program is a crash course available round the year to all new students who may be on a short ‘time-budget’. The students avail twice a week private lessons, as opposed to once a week in regular program,  along with theory of music. Short Term Program is available in 4 or 8 weeks module.

The program is most popular with people visiting the city (Delhi/Chandigarh) for a month or two and wish to further their musical skills and knowledge. The program is open to students at any level. The course content is flexible and is designed as per the learning objectives of the student. Admissions are open any time of the month/year for this program.

Although students taking short term program may not be able to sign up for an exam at the end of the program. Students can continue to learn after the program, wherever they are, over online lessons. In fact Rockschool is one exam board that now offers Online Exams as well. Please contact our office for further details.

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