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Bridge Music Academy is delighted to officially offer online lessons starting 1st April 2020. Over the years we have had many students that have studied with our faculty online, simply due to the distance. We have had students from various parts of India and even overseas (Korea, Germany, UK and Canada). Online lessons are are great way to learn from senior faculty, which you may not have access otherwise. Some of our students used to travel to the academy hundreds of kilometers every week. However, the day these students tried online lessons, they stopped traveling and completely shifted to online format.

In the wake of current corona virus situation, most of our students have been learning online with the faculty and are very satisfied with it. Our faculty has years of experience teaching over Skype, Facetime and other platforms. This allows them to plan resources for lessons in advance, provide clear practice notes and monitor progress on weekly basis.



  • Kalyan Chatterjee

    Kalyan Chatterjee

    Kalyan Chatterjee, Piano Student

    I must congratulate you for finding an excellent solution in the days of "lockdown"! The online classes are equally enjoyable and effective. The classes are always on time and help me learn/improve bit by bit. My teachers is very patient and a very good teacher. She is strict and gentle (as always)! Thanks you for your creative approach! Regards

  • Vineet Arora

    Vineet Arora

    Vineet Arora, Piano Student

    My teacher has handled the online classes as good as the physical classes. There has been no problem whatsoever. It's a pandemic so we should all adapt to the new ways. Stay positive, stay safe..

  • Rishaant Arora

    Preet Arora

    Rishaant Arora, Piano Student

    During this pandemic your classes are a boon. My son enjoys practical class and the theory as well. Thank you so much for your efforts to provide a good and healthy learning experience.

  • Rachel Singh

    Anungla Longchar Singh

    Rachel Singh, Piano Student

    There is no difference because same teacher and same timing, it's great! enjoying learning online👌 Regards.

  • Priyanka


    Priyanka, Piano Student

    I am absolutely satisfied with the online classes. Thank you Bridge Music Academy!

  • Dhruv Shrivastava

    Varsha & Amit Srivastava

    Dhruv Shrivastava, Piano Student

    In this difficult time of Covid-19, the teachers of Bridge Music Academy have taken a lot of effort to continue with the online classes regularly in an excellent manner. Thank you.

  • Veer Vikram

    Dr. Aparajia

    Veer Vikram, Drums Student

    Dear Bridge Music Academy. Thanks a lot for your efforts of maintaining the sound of music in the hearts of our children.. Even in these tough times. Your efforts as a whole of your administration and teachers are commendable. Thanks you!


So, what do we mean by online lessons? In this format the student learns with a teacher over a live video call. Student’s performs live to the teacher and gets real-time feedback and instructions on it. There are no recordings required, although platforms like Skype now allow you to actually record the lessons for reference. Here is what you need to know about online lessons:

  • Learn from anywhere in the world
  • Save travel time and spend more time practicing!
  • Comfortable study environment at your home and your instrument
Unique advantage:
  • Students living in close proximity to the Academy, can avail face-to-face session with their teacher as and when logistics permit
  • All students have an option to participate in workshops, masterclasses and concerts organized by the Academy
Setup requirements:
  • Reliable high-speed internet, above 2MBPS internet connection. Broadband is recommended and mobile network is not as stable is signal is not strong.
  • Copy of sheet music (if needed) with student and teacher. This may be in hard or soft copy.
  • Good instrument of recommended quality at home
  • Good electronic device, such as a tablet, computer (preferred) or a smart phone, setup where typically your teacher sits in your physical lesson. This ensures your teacher gets a view he would typically get in a class.
Minor hurdles:
  • Online platforms have a time lag that doesn’t allow two musicians to play along in real-time. This is not something typically done in a class as well, but this does slightly handicap the teaching pedagogy of the faculty.
  • Audio quality is compromised. Most platforms compress the audio to make it stream, which affect the audio quality. However, quality is mostly good enough for faculty to make a judgement on what is presented to him/her.
What should you do if you’re not sure about effectiveness of online lessons?

Simple fix a short demo session of 15 min with one of our faculty, absolutely free to charge. Join lessons only if you find it effective. We would like to inform you that some of our faculty members only teach on Skype as they are based out of United Kingdom, Australia, USA and Canada.

For query, fill the Enquiry Form below, or simply call us at +91 7428309990.





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  1. Simran

    Hey. I want to learn piano.

    1. admin

      Yes we definitely teach Piano. Please check your email and get in touch with our team. Thanks

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