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Yes, The Academy now offers home tuition for all disciplines in selected areas of New Delhi/NCR. The students may choose to study music at the comfort of their home and yet avail all the benefits that come with studying at the Academy. These may include Music Exams, Regular Concerts, Theory of Music lessons and participation in various events hosted by the Academy.

Home tuition are available for students that have an instrument of recommended quality at home. Student typically choose to take home tuition for their convenience. Maybe the closest branch of Bridge may be too far or it may be difficult for student to travel for some reason. Students living near the branches are obviously encouraged to learn at the Academy. The curriculum followed will offer students opportunity to take International Music Exams.

Studying at home has it’s benefits but not without some disadvantages as well. Home tuition saves travel, allows you to play on your own instrument are among the top benefits. Disadvantages may include lack of interaction with other students, participating in concerts may be limited to solo performances, etc. Especially at higher levels, faculty is hard to get as senior teachers prefer to just teach at the Academy due to high demand. Traveling to the Academy may be a little inconvenient but, if possible, we encourage you to make the effort. Either way you are encouraged to attend all events hosted by the Academy from time to time.

Students opting for home tuition are required to visit the Academy to meet the faculty, for orientation. Kindly note, we do not provide demo sessions at home. Kindly leave us a query or call our office for details.

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