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Bridge Music Academy has made pioneering efforts in the field of Music Education sine 2009. Thanks to our uncompromising standards, we today enjoy collaboration and associations with some of the top educational institutions in the country. Our collaboration model usually involves our faculty teaching directly at these institutes, which helps maintain the gold standards. However, we are now also working on new collaboration model to raise the standards of existing teachers at the institution. This allows us to create more quality teachers for western music, which are so badly needed at most academic schools in the country. our collaboration and associations include:


Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi:

Bridge Music Academy offers professional music lessons in Guitar, Keyboards, Piano, Vocals and Drums at IIT Delhi. The classes are held once a week at Student Activity Centre. Students and faculty of IIT Delhi may opt for group or individual lessons depending on the subject and level. The students enjoy the same international standards of music education as at any centre of Bridge Music Academy. Students also regularly appear for international music exams offered by Rockschool (RSL Awards). The Academy regularly organises concerts at premier auditoriums, which are also open to IIT students. If you are studying or based at IIT Delhi, write to us for more details or call us at 9990671674.

Salwan Public School:

Bridge Music Academy is official service provider for Rajinder Nagar and Tronica City branches of Salwan Public Schools since 2017. Subject experts for each discipline teach at the schools during school hours. This unique model of providing professional training in western music disciplines has proved to be extremely beneficial and efficient in school system. Music classes are divided by various disciplines, i.e. Piano, Vocals, Guitar, etc. and selected number of students study their instrument with subject experts in effective group sizes. All students have an option of pursuing International Music Exams and we have already produced several Toppers for Rockschool Exams in North India already.

Manav Sthali School:

Bridge Music Academy actively provides Piano lessons at New Rajinder Nagar branch of Manav Sthali School. Our professional trainers visit the schools just to provide Piano lessons to students that opt for it within the school hours. Students opt for for International Music Exams and perform at concerts organised by the Academy from time to time. If you are a student of Manav Sthali School and would like to pursue Piano lessons, please connect with the school authorities for details.

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