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Addicted to Sheet Music

Are you addicted to sheet music? Do you feel nervous sitting at the piano without a book on it?  Don’t know what to play when asked to improvise? Do you spend endless hours practicing to memorize music? Believe it or not, the symptoms surely point towards poor command of the theory of music and ear training.

Over years of learning, teaching, playing and interacting with professional musicians, I have come to realize that there are a few aspects of music that need to be addressed right from the early stages of music teaching to make the student become a confident and accomplished musician.  Apart from the things all teachers instinctively address such as technique, sight-reading, repertoire, etc., I strongly believe that theory of music, ear training and improvisation go a long way to

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Career in Music

Many students, aspiring musicians (along with their parents with worried faces!) approach me seeking guidance on prospects of pursuing music as a profession. This is one very serious question and little information about the music industry is available to someone who is just starting out. At this stage they don’t even know what they need to know! Here are my reflections on the topic:

Music is not yet considered a mainstream career option, in fact Music does not even enjoy the status of an ‘industry’ in India. However,

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