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Uncut, as the name suggests, is the complete long term schooling of music. This is the most popular program at the Academy . Students typically attend twice a week private and/or group lessons. These Lessons cover all aspects of practical skills such as technique, repertoire, sight reading and improvisation. Weekly music theory lessons cover music writing skills, harmony and ear-training. Students pursuing this program are eligible for International Music Exams and also participate in the Rock Brigade, annual students’ rock concert, along with attending ensemble sessions with the senior faculty members of the Academy.


  1. Bhavook

    I wish to enroll for guitar training. Could you provide me the fee details, program structure and commencement dates

  2. hema

    My kid is 2years and 6 month old . Do you provide classes for this age group as well.


  3. Agabo

    Fee structure

    1. admin

      Please call us at 9990671674.

    2. admin

      Please call 9990671974

  4. electronics components online

    Many thanks really valuable. Will certainly share website with my buddies.

  5. Rajsmita Bhattacharjee

    Hi. I want to take violin lessons. Kindly let me know how to go about it. Thank you.

  6. Varun Matta

    Hi want to enroll for flute training, can you provide me details for the program for DLF phase 3 location institute

  7. Himanshu Avasthi

    I’m looking for training in Drum playing. I haven’t been to any music school earlier. But I feel fascinated towards drums. Do you have any specific faculty for the drums, as in the faculty list I couldn’t find a drum specialist.

  8. Anshika

    Can an 18 year old enroll for this program?

  9. Vishal Singh

    Do you teach to Old people as well

  10. Kavita Chadha

    I want to learn singing but I am 51 yrs old. Its only as a therapy to be able to sing my fav song to wich I try to sing along. Not Western. Bollywood melodious no.s. Want to know the charges?

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