Summer Camp 2019 is a 3 or 5 week intensive training program designed for musicians at any level. lessons include Performance Skills, Music Appreciation, Theory and Musicianship Skills. Dates: 14-May to 21-Jun.

Summer Camp 2019

Bridge Music Academy is delighted to announce a 10th Anniversary year Summer Camp. The program is available at all branches of the Academy for Piano, Drums, Guitar and Vocals. The Summer Camp will feature a choice of 3 week or 5 week package with 4 days a week classes (Tue to Fri). Apart from regular lessons with a focus on performance skills, there will be weekly workshops focusing on Music Appreciation, Musicianship Skills, Ear training and Theory of Music.

3 Weeks: 14th to 31st May

5 Weeks: 14th to 31st May & 11th to 21st June

Students attending program for 5 weeks will get 100% discount on admission to regular lessons post the summer camp and will earn a completion certificate for the Summer Camp.


Summer Camp is priced between Rs.4000/- to Rs.9500/- depending on duration, format of group or individual classes and branch. Click the Contact Us form on the right to reach us or call us at 9990671674.

Performance Skills

Program is apt for any student, beginner or advance, to pick up the basics or to acquire advance techniques over this power packed intensive 3 or 5 week program. Each instrument is taught by subject experts that will help you get to the next level with your playing.

Music Appreciation

Summer Camp will feature weekly group workshops that will walk you through the evolution of western music right from the Renaissance and Baroque Period, through Classical, Romantic period, Blues, Jazz to World Music and EDM.

Musicianship Skills

Students will also learn the dynamics of making music in a group where they understand building blocks of music and how to spontaneously create music while giving space to others and making meaningful musical statement.

Music Theory

Students will learn reading and writing the language of music as it is practiced around the world. Summer Camp will have focused sessions on reading, writing, music analysis, harmony with a special workshop on functional harmony.

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