Rock Brigade 2019, Air Force Auditorium

The Academy is constantly buzzing with events, concerts, master classes and workshops. At Bridge Music Academy we know the importance of performance in life of a budding musician. Music is a performing art and ability to perform is a indispensable skill for every student. Like building muscle memory or ability to fluently read music, performance is a process. No one becomes comfortable on stage from the very first performance. At higher levels, with increased difficulty of music, being comfortabl

e of stage take a whole new meaning.

To this end, we hold several in-house recitals at branches of the Bridge Music Academy. These are small recitals that see a mix of students from entry level to advanced. We hold concerts with focus on intermediate and advance students at some of the premier auditoriums. The biggest concert is called the ‘Rock Brigade’, which features over 20 students bands every year. Follow our Events Calendar below to keep up to date with our next event.

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