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This is a crash course available round the year to all new students who may be on a short ‘time-budget’. The students avail twice a week private lessons along with theory of music. Atom is available in 4 or 8 weeks module.

The program is most popular with people visiting the city (Delhi/Chandigarh) for a month or two and wish to further their musical skills and knowledge. The program is open to students at any level. The course content is flexible and is designed as per the learning objectives of the student. Admissions are open any time of the month for this program.


  1. shakti

    Hello please tell me if i am eligible for this course.i never got a chance to learn about music

  2. Vangmay Jayant

    Hi. I’m based in Delhi and have been singing for a few years now and I wanted to join into the Atom course when my college is off this summer. I’m mainly looking for vocal training, including harmonizing and ear training and all. Can you tell me what will the course schedule be like along with the fees? Thank you

  3. Palak Shah

    Do you have programs for young kids as old as two year old?

  4. Chirag Munjal

    Where is the fees structure??

  5. Pratyush Shankar

    Please send me details regarding the fees for Atom course asap.

  6. Prashant Singh


    I am interested in learning Violin and Piano. Could you please provide me the fee structure break-up for it?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Prashant Singh

  7. Sanyam Tyagi

    Kindly suggest the Uncut course for Paino and keyboard instrument.

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